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Sheet MetalDesigning

DASHINGis one of the world's top ten internationally renowned semiconductor equipment and panel equipment manufacturers. With rich experience in customization, DASHING is an industry expert in integrated manufacturing and the best solution partner.

Processing Plan
Sheet metal processing

DASHING Group delivers to the quality requirements of semiconductor/panel equipment customers through formulating manufacturing processes adhering to customers’ specifications and achieving high precision finished products. The manufacturing process includes laser cutting, bending and forming, welding assembly, and surface treatment.

Chamber processing

By utilizing the appropriate processing machine corresponding to the customer’s finished product material requirements, together with the design program and specific tools for processing, DASHING achieves optimum production efficiency and avoids contamination by foreign materials.

Bending and forming

DASHING Group’s design department uses professional software at the initial stage to simulate bending and forming. The required tools and coefficients are confirmed, after which packet settings are then completed to ensure that the deviations after bending and forming are within the required tolerance on customer's drawing.

Welding assembly

The process and technology are in compliance with various specifications set by the American Welding Association (AWS). Welder verification process: Pre-PQR, Pre-WPS, PQR, official WPS, WQR steps, pass SGS or metal inspection center testing, lastly concluding with certification by CWI welding inspectors.

Surface treatment
Surface treatment

DASHING Group offers ultra-pure cleaning process for semiconductor parts. The surface treatment process complies to international regulations and the United States military standards, such as: chemical conversion coating on aluminum per MIL-DTL-5541, anodic coating per MIL-A-8625, electroless nickel plating per MIL-C-26074 and AMS 2404, ASTM 2454, MIL-DTL-38999, nickel electroplating QQ-N -290A, electropolishing ASTM-B-912, silver plating QQ-S-365 and other specifications.

Powder coating
Powder coating

The capability of large-scale powder coating. Compared with a generic liquid coating, powder coating is more environmentally friendly, has better adhesion and weather resistance. The surface coating treatment complies with international regulations. DASHING Group has received certifications from many customers in the semiconductor and TFT-LCD industry.