Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Since its founding, DASHING Group has upheld the business philosophies with integrity, innovation, and taking on challenges. By persevering to uphold the integrity and the highest ethics, DASHING Group provides customers with the best quality products and services. The business owner of DASHING Group and all members who represent the company recognize and abide by the beliefs and policies below.

Implement corporate governance

Abide by the company’s corporate governance regulations, guideline for integrity and ethical code of conduct. Establish an effective governance structure and relevant moral standards, contributing to comprehensive corporate governance.

Dedicated to social welfare

Abide by relevant regulations and international human rights conventions, such as gender equality, workplace rights, and prohibition of discrimination. DASHING is responsible for ensuring human rights for which we implement relevant management policies and procedures.

Strengthen information disclosure of Corporate Social Responsibility efforts

The company manages information disclosure in accordance with relevant laws and regulations and the code of governance practices and sufficiently discloses relevant and reliable corporate social responsibility-related information to enhance information transparency.

Develop a sustainable environment

Compliance with the environmental laws and regulations and relevant international codes, DASHING provides appropriate protection to the natural environment and strives for achieving environmental sustainability goals during the conduction of business activities and internal management. DASHING Image Hall locates in the world-class Sihcao Wetlands and utilizes solar energy and rainwater recycling system for its operation, actualizing the concept of an environmentally friendly factory.

Employee Development Program

DASHING Group has a global outreach, placing great emphasis on a diversified and trans-international talent pool in the human resource aspect. People are the most important asset of a company and the key to the industry’s continued competitiveness. As part of its corporate responsibility, with a people-oriented spirit, DASHING has established a comprehensive staff training and advancement system to cultivate, retain and recruit talents.

Improving Industrial Park Functionality

DASHING Image Hall connects the factory area and the shopping plaza’s kindergarten, gymnasium, food & beverage options and other shops. The purpose is to improve the living functions and work quality of the park, providing employees, surrounding enterprises and community residents more entertainment avenues. This helps to attract talents, promote business exchanges, and contribute to the economic and industrial development of Tainan.

DASHING Image Hall

The DASHING Image Hall and the newly-built factory occupy an area of more than 2 hectares, combining amenities such as the factory area, green energy, technology, leisure facilities, convenience stores, a kindergarten and a fitness center. The purpose of the industrial park’s first integrated facility is to improve the park’s amenities and work quality, provide employees, companies and residents of the community with more entertainment space. Among the amenities is DASHING Kindergarten (DSK).With an ideology of “Discovery Learning, Learn by Doing”, DSK adopts a holistic learning approach that aims to nurture a natural intrinsic interest in science and technology in the children whilst also focusing on development of principles. DASHING hopes this can help in attracting talent, facilitate international business exchange, and contribute to the economic and industrial development of the Tainan region.